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LDY Top Running Overhead Crane
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Product: Views:117LDY Top Running Overhead Crane 
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Crane overview

LDY-crane metallurgy electric single-girder crane (hereinafter referred to as crane) according to JB / T1306-2008 HI and conforms to the quality inspection office 3 [375] HI file design and YHII electric hoist supporting intermittent, periodic working mode, through the lifting hook Or other means of taking materials to complete the displacement of heavy loads required for lifting and transporting in the metallurgical production process in a timely manner, which is an important tool for improving the labor productivity of metallurgical and foundry places in modern industrial enterprises. And equipment.

Scope of application

LDY crane is suitable for working under the working condition A6, working environment temperature ≤60°C, relative humidity ≤85%, altitude below 2000m, non-corrosive medium environment.

Environmental conditions

(1) The power supply of the crane is three-phase AC, the rated frequency is 50Hz, and the rated voltage is 380V (if the power supply voltage and frequency are different from this specification, the power supply voltage and frequency of the place of use should be indicated when ordering), motor and electric appliance. The upper limit of the allowable voltage fluctuation on the control device is +10% of the rated voltage, and the lower limit (at the peak current) is -15% of the rated voltage. Longhui lifted and the internal voltage loss of the crane was 5%.

(2) Working environment of crane: temperature ≤ 60 ° C, humidity ≤ 85%, altitude below 2000 m, no fire, explosion hazard, corrosive medium.


The crane is measured on the ground in the non-closed plant without any noise interference and the lifting height is not less than 5m. When the lifting weight Q≤5t, the whole machine noise is not more than 85dB(A), and the lifting weight is Q≥5t. When the noise of the whole machine is not more than 90dB

Crane structure and performance parameters

The structure of the crane consists of three main components: the bridge, the metallurgical electric hoist and the electrical system (see Figure 2 and the random diagram). The bridge is used to support and longitudinally move the load and consists of a metal structure and an operating mechanism. The metal structure includes three parts: the main beam, the end beam and the main and end beam connections. The operating mechanism consists of four parts: the drive unit, the transmission unit, the brake unit and the wheel set. Metallurgical electric hoists bear lifting and lateral moving loads. The electrical system consists of a main circuit and a control loop.